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Personalized Characters

Pick your size character (small, bust, medium, life-size, gigantic) and we will create a one-of-a-kind look alike out of balloons. Pricing is based on size and complexity of the finished sculpture. Please call 614-404-5469 or email us to arrange sending a photo and for more customizing details. 

pchar-bob-bust.jpg  pchar-slevy-bust.jpg

pchar-bspringsteen.jpg  pchar-picard.jpg

photo credit: Jo Lopez

pchar-policeman-med.jpg  pchar-2guys-med.jpg

1980-01-01-00.00.20-1.jpg  2015-06-09-12.29.39-1.jpg

pchar-eloise-lg.jpg  pchar-barmitz-lg.jpg  


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