Event Decor

No matter the theme, colors or location, our team of talented BaLLOONiacs' designers can create an event that your guests will talk about long after the celebration ends. Whether we are making clusters, columns, arches, swags, topiary balls, covering the dance floor in a giant balloon canopy, lighting the room with glowing balloon lights, exploding balloons as the Guests of Honor arrive or creating spectacular sculptures at each table, we can make anything out of balloons. Please call 614-306-3351 or email us to arrange for more event planning and customizing design details. Here are a few examples from recent themed events:


event-mardigras1.jpg  event-mardigras2.jpg

event-vicsecret1.jpg  event-vs-mexican.jpg


event-batmitz-sea2.jpg   event-batmitz-sea1.jpg

event-drseuss.jpg   event-drseuss1.jpg


event-bling-entrance.jpg   event-bling-clsup.jpg

event-bling.jpg  event-bling-drop.jpg

event-andbarmitz1.jpg   event-andbarmitz2.jpg

 event-largeb.jpg  event-bigb2.jpg

event-gumball.jpg  event-barmitz-candy.jpg

event-corp2dostran.jpg  event-corp-sm1.jpg  

event-perfacademy1.jpg  event-perfacademy2.jpg

event-balloondrop1.jpg  event-nydrop-sm2.jpg

event-nac1.jpg  event-nac3.jpg  event-naccloseup.jpg

 event-barmitz1.jpg  event-barmitz2.jpg  event-barmitz3.jpg

event-wedding2.jpg   event-wedding1.jpg