About Us

BaLLOONiacs can make anything you can imagine out of balloons for any kind of event.  BaLLOONiacs has been ballooning with award-winning balloon artists since 1975. Our Creative Director and Founding Artist, Randy Zacks, began BaLLOONiacs as the Resident Balloon Artist at the Franklin Park Conservatory, a botanical garden in Columbus, Ohio.  We hand craft balloon art, make sculptured deliveries, teach ballooning skills, design specialty balloons, source balloons and ballooning equipment, and decorate or entertain at private parties, festivals and corporate affairs. BaLLOONiacs creates balloon art that will cause you to say,” Wow, Amazing” and say that you have never seen anything like this before.  We serve your balloon needs wherever they are. Local delivery charges are based on mileage. Nationwide and Worldwide deliveries are made overnight in association with BaLLOONiacs Artists worldwide or via USPS and FedEx. 


We're located at 33 S. James Road Suite B9, Columbus, Ohio 43213

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